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introducing me

day of birth: 1984
size: 165 cm
weight: 58 kg
hair color: different
eye color: green-gray
clothing size: 36
size of shoe: 38


We upload regularly specials for our members. I offer also a video area for members. And if you want me to meet your wishes for a special photoshooting, simply write a mail to me...



Update 12.08.20121

NEW Format: High Quality Video

video jacky-line_headball-237 [89MB]
Gallery 237

Update 12.08.2012

88 Images

Update 22.07.20121

NEW Format: High Quality Video

video jacky-line_black-suit-236 [54MB]
Gallery 236

Update 22.07.2012

76 Images

Update 17.06.20121

NEW Format: High Quality Video

video jacky-line_steelbox-235 [95MB]
Gallery 235

Update 17.06.2012

84 Images

Update 20.05.20121

NEW Format: High Quality Video

video jacky-line_metal-bowl-234 [95MB]
Gallery 234

Update 20.05.2012

87 Images

Update 29.04.20121

NEW Format: High Quality Video

video jacky-line_latex-bound-233 [73MB]
Gallery 233

Update 29.04.2012

80 Images
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