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So you can get member at "www.jacky-line.de"

Here you can register for the member part of my webpage. You can
determine the duration of this membership on your own. Depending on the
choosen accounting system the access is disposable as subscription and
will automatically be extended. In case you would like to terminate
this subscription, you can do it without any problems here in this page.

All your data will be transmitted with a sure SSL-codification. After checking your data you receive your password and can enter into the member part.

Your data as well as your e-mail address will be handled absolutely confidential and will not passed on to other persons.

In case you forget your password, you can request it here on this page.

For your membership you can choose a duration of 30, 60, 90, 180 or 360 days. The membership will be extended by the same period, in case no notice for termination is given before. You are member as long as you want.

The registration is anonymous and on the payment voucher only "www.inet-cash.de/user" appears.
With this link, you can request
details to your accounting.

Payment is possible via
  • credit card
    • Visa
    • Euro/Mastercard
    • Diners Club
  • debit advice (only from German bank accounts)

You want to join but don't have the possibility to pay via credit card? Please ask me via eMail directly for other possibilities. The direct debiting is effected in EURO.

30 days: 19,95 €
60 days: 35,95 € (=17,98 € / 30 days)
90 days: 49,95 € (=16,65 € / 30 days)
180 days: 95,95 € (=15,99 € / 30 days)
365 days: 169,95 € (=13,97€ / 30 days)

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